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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1994 Opinions Index

The below opinions in PDF format PDF document:

Opinion 94-001 (March 24, 1994)
CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Tape-Recording of Cellular or Cordless Telephone Conversations under Eavesdropping Statutes

Opinion 94-002 (March 24, 1994)
COUNTIES: Authority to Regulate the Location of Distribution Equipment Used by Telephone and Cellular Telephone Companies

Opinion 94-003 (March 24, 1994)
CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Conditions of Bail and Fees for Service under Domestic Violence Act Amendments

Opinion 94-004 (March 24, 1994)
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Wastewater Land Treatment Regulation

Opinion 94-005 (March 24, 1994)
SPECIAL DISTRICTS: Eligibility for Election of Fire Protection District Trustee

Opinion 94-006 (March 24, 1994)
COUNTIES: Authority of County to Implement and Enforce Solid Waste Recycling Program

Opinion 94-007 (March 24, 1994)
SPECIAL DISTRICTS: Tax Rate Ordinance in Fire Protection Districts

Opinion 94-008 (March 24, 1994)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: County Board Member and Township Trustee

Opinion 94-009 (March 24, 1994)
PENSIONS: Optional Medicare Coverage for School Employees

Opinion 94-010 (March 24, 1994)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Township Supervisor and County Executive

Opinion 94-011 (April 14, 1994)
SPORTS AND GAMING: Licensure of In-State Manufacturers as Suppliers of Gambling Devices to Riverboat Casinos

Opinion 94-012 (June 9, 1994)
MUNICIPALITIES: Limitations on Mayor's Temporary Appointment Power

Opinion 94-013 (June 9, 1994)
ELECTIONS: Ballot Sheet Format for Optical Scan Tabulating Equipment

Opinion 94-014 (June 9, 1994)
COUNTIES: Authority of a County to Enact an Ethics Ordinance

Opinion 94-015 (June 9, 1994)
PUBLIC PROPERTY: Lease of Property from Public Building Commission

Opinion 94-016 (June 9, 1994)
COMPENSATION: Calculation of Statutory County Officer Salary Increases

Opinion 94-017 (June 9, 1994)
ZONING: Authority of a County or a Municipality to Enact Ordinances Restricting the Placement of Manufactured Homes

Opinion 94-018 (June 9, 1994)
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Use of Fees Charged Applicants for Regional Pollution Control Facilities

Opinion 94-019 (October 25, 1994)
CIVIL RIGHTS: Applicability of the Environmental Barriers Act to Certain Multi-Family Construction

Opinion 94-020 (October 25, 1994)
CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Holding 17 Year Old in County Jail on Finding of Contempt for Probation Violation

Opinion 94-021 (October 25, 1994)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: County Board Member and Community College Board Trustee

Opinion 94-022 (October 25, 1994)
COMPENSATION: Addition of Health Insurance Coverage During Officer's Term of Office

Opinion 94-023 (October 25, 1994)
FEDERAL RELATIONS: Distribution of Funds under HOME Investment Partnership Act

Opinion 94-024 (October 25, 1994)
MUNICIPALITIES: Requirement that Title Insurance Reports Reflect Payment of Document Inspection Fee

Opinion 94-025 (October 25, 1994)
MENTAL HEALTH: Confidentiality of Identity of Recipients of Mental Health Services

Opinion 94-026 (October 25, 1994)
REVENUE: Homestead Improvement Exemption

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