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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1993 Opinions Index

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Opinion 93-001 (March 1, 1993)
LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Notice Requirements for Legislative Committees

Opinion 93-002 (March 2, 1993)
REVENUE: Application of Increase in Real Estate Transfer Tax to Deeds in Escrow

Opinion 93-003 (March 2, 1993)
COUNTIES: Authority of Counties to Regulate the Mining of Fossil Fuels through Zoning

Opinion 93-004 (March 2, 1993)
SCHOOL & SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Authority of Regional Board of School Trustees to Dispose of Property

Opinion 93-005 (March 2, 1993)
STATE MATTERS: Authority to Lease for Expansion of Park Lodge

Opinion 93-006 (March 19, 1993)
PUBLIC HEALTH: Status of Illinois Health Facilities Authority and Illinois Development Finance Authority as State Agencies

Opinion 93-007 (March 19, 1993)
COMPENSATION: Salary of State's Attorney

Opinion 93-008 (March 19, 1993)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Village Trustee and Multi-Township Assessor

Opinion 93-009 (March 29, 1993)
LABOR: Prevailing Wage Determinations

Opinion 93-010 (May 25, 1993)
GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Insurance Agent on County Insurance Committee

Opinion 93-011 (May 25, 1993)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Offices of School Board Member and County Board Member

Opinion 93-012 (May 25, 1993)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Library Board Trustee and School Board Member

Opinion 93-013 (June 1, 1993)
FEES: Distribution of Traffic Fees, Fines and Costs to the State Treasurer

Opinion 93-014 (June 21, 1993)
GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Officer Voting on Contract with Wife's Firm

Opinion 93-015 (July 27, 1993)
REAL ESTATE: Plat Act Exceptions for Adjoining and Contiguous Lands

Opinion 93-016 (July 27, 1993)
REAL ESTATE: Plat Act Requisites on Subdivision of Unsold Lots in Previously Platted Subdivision

Opinion 93-017 (July 27, 1993)
COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Township Assessor and Deputy Supervisor of Assessments

Opinion 93-018 (July 27, 1993)
CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Supervision for Violation of Mandatory Auto Insurance Law

Opinion 93-019 (July 27, 1993)
COUNTIES: Authority of a County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency's Volunteers

Opinion 93-020 (July 27, 1993)
MUNICIPALITIES: Public Utilities Tax

Opinion 93-021 (August 27, 1993)
REVENUE: Pay Over of Annual Real Estate Tax and Personal Property Replacement Tax Proceeds to Local Libraries

Opinion 93-022 (December 22, 1993)
PUBLIC HEALTH: Medicaid Reimbursement of Nurse Practitioners

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