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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1980 Opinions Index

  • OPINION S-1479 PDF document (January 11, 1980)
    HOME RULE: Power of a Home Rule Municipality to Levy Taxes in Excess of Statutory Limit

  • OPINION S-1481 PDF document (January 31, 1980)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Imposition of Reinstatement Fee for Drivers' Licenses Which Have Been Suspended or Revoked

  • OPINION S-1482 PDF document (January 31, 1980)
    OFFICERS: County Collector - Authority to Pay Over Estimated Tax Payment Receipts

  • OPINION S-1484 PDF document (April 14, 1980)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Confidentiality of Personnel Records of Public Officers and Employees

  • OPINION S-1485 PDF document (April 14, 1980)
    INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION: Power of a County to Provide Contractual Police Services to a City or Village

  • OPINION S-1486 PDF document (April 14, 1980)
    CONSTITUTION: Requirement of Section 2(a) of Article XIV of the Illinois Constitution of 1970 With Respect to Reading a Constitutional Amendment

  • OPINION S-1487 PDF document (April 15, 1980)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Whether Bank of a Foreign Nation May Do Trust Business in Illinois

  • OPINION S-1488 PDF document (April 15, 1980)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: A Trust Department of a Bank May Not Establish a Branch Office

  • OPINION S-1489 PDF document (May 12, 1980)

  • OPINION S-1490 PDF document (May 12, 1980)
    MEETINGS: Collective Negotiating Exception to the Open Meetings Act

  • OPINION S-1491 PDF document (May 12, 1980)
    HOME RULE: Exercise of Exclusive State Power by the General Assembly

  • OPINION S-1492 PDF document (June 6, 1980)
    STATE MATTERS: Operation of Section 10.1 of the Illinois Purchasing Act

  • OPINION S-1493 PDF document (June 30, 1980)
    REVENUE: Review of Capital Stock Assessments

  • OPINION S-1494 PDF document (June 30, 1980)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Village Mayor and School Board Member

  • OPINION S-1495 PDF document (July 1, 1980)
    PENSIONS: Local Libraries Are Not "Instrumentalities" Within the Meaning and Intent of the Illinois Social Security Enabling Act

  • OPINION S-1496 PDF document (July 2, 1980)
    STATE MATTERS: Scope of the Facilities for the Handicapped Act

  • OPINION S-1497 PDF document (July 3, 1980)

  • OPINION S-1498 PDF document (July 7, 1980)
    HOME RULE: Application of Home Rule Powers to the Escheat of Property

  • OPINION S-1499 PDF document (July 9, 1980)
    OFFICERS: Employment of Deputies in the Office of Circuit Clerk

  • OPINION S-1500 PDF document (July 24, 1980)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Local Group Soliciting Contributions at Highway Intersection in City

  • OPINION 80-025 PDF document (August 14, 1980)
    TRANSPORTATION: Grants to the Bi-State Development Agency

  • OPINION 80-027 PDF document (September 4, 1980)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: State Representative and Township Supervisor (Chairman of the Board of Health of Public Health District)

  • OPINION 80-028 PDF document (September 22, 1980)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS & CONFLICT OF INTEREST: School Board Purchases Mandated by Federal Law

  • OPINION 80-029 PDF document (September 22, 1980)
    MEETINGS: Majority Requirement for the Illinois Energy Resources Commission to Approve or Reject Proposed Projects

  • OPINION 80-030 PDF document (September 22, 1980)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS & CONFLICT OF INTEREST: A Member of an Appointing Authority May Not Be Appointed to the Governing Board of the Jackson-Union Counties Regional Port District

  • OPINION 80-031 PDF document (September 25, 1980)
    COUNTIES: Powers of County and County Board for Care and Treatment of Mentally Deficient Persons

  • OPINION 80-032 PDF document (September 25, 1980)
    COUNTIES: County Board's Authority to Supervise the Activities of the County Board for the Care and Treatment of Certain Mentally Deficient Persons

  • OPINION 80-033 PDF document (September 25, 1980)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Liability for the Fees of a Private Attorney Appointed to Represent an Indigent Prisoner in Post-Conviction Proceedings Arising Out of His Conviction of a Crime Committed While Confined by the Department of Corrections

  • OPINION 80-034 PDF document (October 7, 1980)
    SPORTS & GAMING: Authority of the Illinois Racing Board to Review Decisions of Stewards and Judges

  • OPINION 80-035 PDF document (October 21, 1980)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS & CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Employment of School Board Member's Spouse as Teacher

  • OPINION 80-037 PDF document (October 23, 1980)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Use and Operation of a Snowmobile on a Roadway

  • OPINION 80-038 PDF document (October 29, 1980)
    COUNTIES: Public Building Commission

  • OPINION 80-039 PDF document (October 29, 1980)
    STATE MATTERS: Authority of Department of Transportation to Enter into Coal Mining Lease with Respect to Land within its Jurisdiction

  • OPINION 80-040 PDF document (November 26, 1980)
    BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: Close Corporations

  • OPINION 80-041 PDF document (December 10, 1980)
    STATE MATTERS: Ohio River Boundary between Illinois and Kentucky

  • OPINION 80-042 PDF document (December 12, 1980)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Fire Investigators and Inspectors Designated as Conservators of the Peace by a Local Governmental Agency and Possessing Peace Officer Status are Law Enforcement Officers within the Meaning of the Police Training Act

  • OPINION 80-043 PDF document (December 12, 1980)
    COUNTIES: Disclosure of Compensation Funds Paid to County-Contracted Medical Specialists

  • OPINION 80-044 PDF document (December 16, 1980)
    LIQUORS: Licensing Requirements for Sale of Alcoholic Liquor in Authorized Facilities of State University

  • OPINION 80-045 PDF document (December 22, 1980)
    CRIMINAL LAW: Possession of Firearms

  • OPINION 80-046 PDF document (December 22, 1980)
    STATE EMPLOYEES: Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967


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