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1979 Opinions Index

  • OPINION S-1403 PDF document (January 10, 1979)
    PENSIONS: Computation of Post-Retirement Allowance Increases for Members of the Teachers' Retirement System

  • OPINION S-1404 PDF document (January 10, 1979)
    REVENUE: Publication of Assessment Lists

  • OPINION S-1405 PDF document (January 10, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Merit System Employment for Jailers in the Office of Sheriff

  • OPINION S-1406 PDF document (January 10, 1979)
    STATE MATTERS: Flat Grants to Local Promotion Groups

  • OPINION S-1407 PDF document (January 10, 1979)
    PENSIONS: Effect of Pension Code Revision on Vested Rights

  • OPINION S-1408 PDF document (January 10, 1979)
    ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Authority of Environmental Protection Agency to Adopt Technical Policy Statements Concerning Public Water Supplies

  • OPINION S-1409 PDF document (January 30, 1979)
    DECEDENTS' ESTATES: Issuance of Replacement Warrants to Heirs of Small Estates

  • OPINION S-1410 PDF document (February 22, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Provision of Emergency Ambulance Service

  • OPINION S-1411 PDF document (March 9, 1979)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Assistant State's Attorney and City Commissioner

  • OPINION S-1412 PDF document (March 9, 1979)
    STATE MATTERS: Non-Appropriations of Funds Clause

  • OPINION S-1414 PDF document (March 9, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Power of County Nursing Home to Act as a Home Health Agency

  • OPINION S-1415 PDF document (March 27, 1979)
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Granting of Variances by Mining Board

  • OPINION S-1416 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Authority of a County Board of Health to Mortgage Property to Which it Has Title

  • OPINION S-1417 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    LICENSED OCCUPATIONS: Persons Required to Obtain a Certificate of Registration as a Private Detective

  • OPINION S-1418 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    LABOR: Appearance of a Minor Under the Age of Sixteen in a Theatrical Production Where Liquor is Served

  • OPINION S-1419 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    ELECTIONS: Effect of 1981 Reapportionment Process on 1982 County Board Re-election

  • OPINION S-1420 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    SPECIAL DISTRICTS: Authority of Fire Protection Districts to Develop Numbering Systems

  • OPINION S-1421 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Amenability of Forest Preserve Districts to County Zoning Ordinances and Building Codes

  • OPINION S-1423 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    FAMILY LAW: Child Abuse Cases Required to be Reported Pursuant to the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act

  • OPINION S-1424 PDF document (April 11, 1979)
    STATE MATTERS: Transfer of Realty from One State Agency to Another

  • OPINION S-1425 PDF document (April 13, 1979)
    OFFICERS: Political Affiliation Required for Members of County Board of Review

  • OPINION S-1426 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Method of Establishment of Holidays for County Officers

  • OPINION S-1427 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    PUBLIC ASSISTANCE: Special Purposes Trust Fund

  • OPINION S-1428 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    REVENUE: Application of Homestead Exemption Contained in Section 19.23-1a of the Revenue Act of 1939 to Holders of Leasehold Interests

  • OPINION S-1429 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    OFFICERS: Representation of Regional Boards of School Trustees by State's Attorneys

  • OPINION S-1430 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: The Term "Involved in an Accident" Means Connected With an Accident in a Substantial Manner

  • OPINION S-1431 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    FEES: Payment of Fines for Motor Vehicle Code Violations

  • OPINION S-1432 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    ELECTIONS: Authorization of County Board to Consolidate Precincts

  • OPINION S-1433 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    CRIMINAL LAW: Whether Security System Violates Eavesdropping Statute

  • OPINION S-1434 PDF document (April 30, 1979)
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Whether Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission is a State Agency

  • OPINION S-1435 PDF document (May 22, 1979)
    REVENUE: Rate of Tax Levy for County Health Fund

  • OPINION S-1436 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    COUNTIES: A County May License and Tax Jukeboxes

  • OPINION S-1437 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Annual Appropriation Ordinance or Annual Budget

  • OPINION S-1438 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Filling of a County Board Vacancy

  • OPINION S-1439 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    OFFICERS: Deposit or Investment of Funds of Unknown Owners by County Treasurer

  • OPINION S-1440 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Quorum for Meeting of Illinois Energy Resources Commission

  • OPINION S-1441 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Change in Compensation of County Board Members Elected to Fill Unexpired Terms

  • OPINION S-1442 PDF document (June 7, 1979)
    PENSIONS: Determination of Which Employees are Policemen for Social Security Purposes

  • OPINION S-1443 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Effect of Purchase of Medical Malpractice Insurance on County's Board of Health's Liability

  • OPINION S-1444 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Name of Driver Training School

  • OPINION S-1445 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Public Health Administrator

  • OPINION S-1446 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Interstate Off-Track Betting

  • OPINION S-1447 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    FINANCE: Use of 210.05 Offset Against State Income Tax Refund

  • OPINION S-1448 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Power of School Board to Regulate Leaves of Absence Requested by Teacher-Legislators

  • OPINION S-1449 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Power of Illinois Racing Board to Assess Costs of Administrative Review to the Appellant

  • OPINION S-1450 PDF document (June 29, 1979)
    CONSTITUTION: Limitations on Free Exercise of Religion at Public Fairs

  • OPINION S-1451 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    OFFICERS: Chairman of State Board of Elections - Holding Over in Office After Expiration of Term

  • OPINION S-1452 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Majority Required for Action by the Illinois Racing Board

  • OPINION S-1453 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    HIGHWAYS: Bridges-County Aid Under Section 5-501 of the Illinois Highway Code

  • OPINION S-1455 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    ZONING: Non-conforming Uses and Variances Authorized by County Zoning Enabling Act

  • OPINION S-1457 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    REVENUE: Compromise of Capital Stock Assessments by State's Attorneys, Method of Review of a Denial of Tax Exempt Status of Property

  • OPINION S-1458 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    FAMILY LAW: Venue and Notice Requirements in Pre-Adoption Custody Proceedings

  • OPINION S-1459 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Township Trustee and Member of the Board of Review

  • OPINION S-1460 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Reverse Annuity and Graduated Payment Mortgages

  • OPINION S-1461 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Access to and Microfilming of Confidential Department of Transportation Information

  • OPINION S-1462 PDF document (August 20, 1979)
    LIQUORS: Licensing of Beer Manufacturers and Effect of Merger on "Grandfather Clause"

  • OPINION S-1463 PDF document (November 1, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Duties of the Animal Control Administrator with Respect to Dogs Running at Large

  • OPINION S-1464 PDF document (November 2, 1979)
    REVENUE: Method of Assessing Real Property for Tax Purposes

  • OPINION S-1466 PDF document (November 2, 1979)
    COUNTIES: Property Damage Caused by Escaped Prisoner

  • OPINION S-1467 PDF document (November 2, 1979)
    HIGHWAYS: Authority of a County to Enact an Ordinance Regulating Parking on Streets and Highways

  • OPINION S-1468 PDF document (November 2, 1979)
    REVENUE: Assessment of Real Estate When Buildings are Destroyed by Accidental Means

  • OPINION S-1469 PDF document (November 2, 1979)
    LIQUORS: Licensing Requirements for Sale of Alcoholic Liquor in State Parks and for Park Districts

  • OPINION S-1470 PDF document (November 5, 1979)
    REVENUE: Application of Inheritance and Transfer Tax Law to Deferred Compensation Paid to Designated Beneficiaries

  • OPINION S-1471 PDF document (November 5, 1979)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Application of Provisions of the Illinois Plumbing License Law to Municipal or Other Potable Water Distribution Systems

  • OPINION S-1472 PDF document (December 20, 1979)
    OFFICERS: State Treasurer-Authority to Invest State Funds in State Aid Anticipation Certificates

  • OPINION S-1473 PDF document (December 28, 1979)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Applicability of Municipal Parking Ordinance to State

  • OPINION S-1474 PDF document (December 28, 1979)
    REVENUE: Bond Required by Department of Revenue for Issuance of Warrants under Section 5f of the Retailers' Occupation Tax Act

  • OPINION S-1475 PDF document (December 28, 1979)
    REGULATED INDUSTRIES: Necessity for Schedule Rating in Establishing Workmen's Compensation Insurance Rates

  • OPINION S-1476 PDF document (December 28, 1979)
    LABOR: Application of the Prevailing Wage Act and the Preference to Illinois Citizens Act to Projects Constructed under the Industrial Revenue Bond Act

  • OPINION S-1477 PDF document (December 31, 1979)
    OFFICERS: When an Individual Simultaneously Holding the Offices of Township Supervisor and Member of County Board May Vote on Propositions Before Either Body

  • OPINION S-1478 PDF document (December 31, 1979)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Consumer Finance Act


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