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1978 Opinions Index

  • OPINION S-1326 PDF document (January 6, 1978)
    REVENUE: Authority of Department of Local Government Affairs to Assess Capital Stock of Rural Electric Cooperatives

  • OPINION S-1328 PDF document (January 9, 1978)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Contract Between County and Sheriff for Sheriff to Provide Automobiles

  • OPINION S-1329 PDF document (January 19, 1978)
    COUNTIES: Power of County Officers to Make Purchases

  • OPINION S-1330 PDF document (January 19, 1978)
    PENSIONS: Eligibility of a Former Member of the General Assembly to Receive Pension Benefits After Conviction of a Service-Related Felony

  • OPINION S-1331 PDF document (January 19, 1978)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Interpretation of Act Allowing Giving of Amygdalin or "Laetrile" to Terminal Cancer Patients

  • OPINION S-1332 PDF document (January 26, 1978)
    PENSIONS: Eligibility of Retirement System Annuitants to Participate in the State Employees Group Insurance Program

  • OPINION S-1333 PDF document (January 26, 1978)
    UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Whether State Controlled University or College or Community College Can be Held Liable for Veterans' Scholarships

  • OPINION S-1334 PDF document (February 2, 1978)
    STATE MATTERS: Statute of Limitations for Illinois State Scholarship Commission Guaranteed Loans

  • OPINION S-1335 PDF document (February 2, 1978)
    MENTAL HEALTH: Power of County Board to Alter Community Mental Health Board's Proposed Budget

  • OPINION S-1336 PDF document (February 2, 1978)
    FEES: County Clerks' Fees for Filing Nominating Petitions

  • OPINION S-1337 PDF document (February 2, 1978)
    REVENUE: Authority of Boards of Review and the Property Tax Appeal Board

  • OPINION S-1338 PDF document (February 2, 1978)
    COMPENSATION: Establishment of "Sick Leave Bank" for Board of Education Employees

  • OPINION S-1339 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    TORT LIABILITY: Liability of a Governmental Entity to a Juvenile Performing Public Service Work as a Condition of Probation

  • OPINION S-1340 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    CONSTITUTION: Constitutionality of County Tax to Cover Cost of Tax Collection

  • OPINION S-1341 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    OFFICERS: The Authority of a County Superintendent of Highways

  • OPINION S-1342 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Lease of Property by State's Attorney to Secretary of State

  • OPINION S-1343 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    COMPENSATION: Statute Allowing State to Set Off Its Claims Against Its Employees' Wages is Not Affected by Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act

  • OPINION S-1344 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    PENSIONS: Effect of 1970 Constitution on Home Rule Units' Participation in Pension Systems

  • OPINION S-1345 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    COUNTIES: Rental of County-Owned Building by Health Department

  • OPINION S-1346 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Application of the Illinois Manufactured Housing and Mobile Home Safety Act to Municipalities

  • OPINION S-1347 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    OFFICERS: Political Candidacy by Deputy Sheriff

  • OPINION S-1348 PDF document (March 15, 1978)
    MENTAL HEALTH: Operation of Gasoline Station as Rehabilitation Facility

  • OPINION S-1349 PDF document (March 30, 1978)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Substantive Matter in an Appropriation Bill

  • OPINION S-1350 PDF document (April 7, 1978)
    OFFICERS: Duty of the Recorder of Deeds Under the Plat Act

  • OPINION S-1351 PDF document (April 7, 1978)
    COUNTIES: Applicability of Unemployment Insurance Act to Per Diem Employees

  • OPINION S-1352 PDF document (April 7, 1978)
    UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Use of State Scholarships by Students Taking Some Courses at Non-Approved Institutions

  • OPINION S-1353 PDF document (April 7, 1978)
    COMPENSATION: Arresting Officer Should Not Receive Witness Fee for Testifying Against Arrestee

  • OPINION S-1355 PDF document (April 7, 1978)
    ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Authority of Department of Mines and Minerals to Lease Abandoned Lands From a Unit of Local Government

  • OPINION S-1356 PDF document (April 13, 1978)
    FINANCE: Medical Center Commission's Use of Rental Income for Improvement and Purchase of Property

  • OPINION S-1357 PDF document (May 9, 1978)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Operation of a Nonprofit Church Loan Fund

  • OPINION S-1358 PDF document (May 9, 1978)
    COMPENSATION: No Hearing Required Before Offsetting Pay Under State Comptroller Act

  • OPINION S-1359 PDF document (May 9, 1978)
    STATE EMPLOYEES: Payment of the Prevailing Rate of Wages to University of Illinois Employees

  • OPINION S-1360 PDF document (May 11, 1978)
    COUNTIES: Legality of Proposed Tax to Fund Unemployment and Workmen's Compensation Insurance

  • OPINION S-1361 PDF document (June 20, 1978)

  • OPINION S-1362 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Applicability of Illinois Administrative Procedure Act to the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois

  • OPINION S-1363 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    ZONING: Due Process Requirements for County Board's Consideration of Zoning Amendment

  • OPINION S-1364 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Disclosure of Information Concerning Medicaid Recipients

  • OPINION S-1365 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    STATE MATTERS: Expenditure of State Funds to Remodel Leased Premises

  • OPINION S-1366 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    COMPENSATION: Constitutionality of Automatic Cost-of-Living Salary Increase for State Officers

  • OPINION S-1367 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Membership on County Zoning Board of Appeals and Office of Drainage District Commissioner, School Board Member or Township Supervisor

  • OPINION S-1369 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Scope of "Public Service Work" Which May be Assigned to Probationers

  • OPINION S-1370 PDF document (June 29, 1978)
    STATE EMPLOYEES: Coverage of Illinois Arts Council Employees Under the Personnel Code

  • OPINION S-1371 PDF document (July 10, 1978)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Authority of County Board to Inspect and License Food Service Establishments

  • OPINION S-1372 PDF document (August 1, 1978)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Enforcement of Federal Mobile Home Standards by the Illinois Department of Public Health

  • OPINION S-1373 PDF document (August 1, 1978)
    OFFICERS: Appointment by the Governor to the Medical Center Commission

  • OPINION S-1374 PDF document (August 1, 1978)
    LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Authority of Legislative Commission to Control Distribution of Funds Already Appropriated

  • OPINION S-1375 PDF document (August 1, 1978)
    MEETINGS: Applicability of Open Meetings Act to Private Agency Serving as Alcohol Detoxification Center

  • OPINION S-1378 PDF document (August 1, 1978)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Disposal of Records Collected Pursuant to Financial Institutions Disclosure Act

  • OPINION S-1379 PDF document (August 1, 1978)
    CONSUMER PROTECTION: Invasion of Cemetery Care Fund Principal

  • OPINION S-1380 PDF document (August 14, 1978)
    REVENUE: Application of Statute Restricting Access to Tax Returns

  • OPINION S-1381 PDF document (August 16, 1978)
    ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Legality of Disclosure of Trade Secrets by Illinois EPA to Attorney General's Employees

  • OPINION S-1382 PDF document (September 1, 1978)
    ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Authority of Department of Mines and Minerals to Administer Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977

  • OPINION S-1383 PDF document (September 1, 1978)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Disposal of State's Attorneys' Records

  • OPINION S-1384 PDF document (September 1, 1978)
    HIGHWAYS: Responsibility for Maintenance of Rejected Subdivision Streets

  • OPINION S-1385 PDF document (September 5, 1978)
    CRIMINAL LAW: Expunction of Arrest Records

  • OPINION S-1386 PDF document (September 5, 1978)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Legality of Metal Knuckles Made for Use as a Belt Buckle

  • OPINION S-1388 PDF document (September 22, 1978)
    ELECTIONS: Member of State Board of Elections Holding Other Public Office or Public Employment or Office in a Political Party

  • OPINION S-1389 PDF document (September 22, 1978)
    HOME RULE: Power of Home Rule Municipality to Give Sales Tax Revenue to County

  • OPINION S-1390 PDF document (September 22, 1978)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Use of Bail Deposits

  • OPINION S-1391 PDF document (September 22, 1978)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Amendments to FY78 Appropriation Acts

  • OPINION S-1392 PDF document (September 25, 1978)
    FINANCE: Authority of Municipalities and Other Local Government Bodies to Use "Interim Financing" for Farmers Home Administration Projects

  • OPINION S-1393 PDF document (September 25, 1978)
    REVENUE: Application of Extended Redemption Period Provided by Public Act 79-1455

  • OPINION S-1394 PDF document (October 5, 1978)
    JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Mailing Fee - Small Claims Cases

  • OPINION S-1395 PDF document (October 5, 1978)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Furnishing the Department of Law Enforcement With Fingerprints and Descriptions of Persons Given a Notice to Appear

  • OPINION S-1396 PDF document (October 5, 1978)
    COUNTIES: Authority of County Board to Set Vacation and Sick Leave Policy for Employees of County Health Department and Deputies under Jurisdiction of Sheriff's Merit Commission

  • OPINION S-1397 PDF document (November 2, 1978)
    OFFICERS: Appointment of Deputy Clerks of the Circuit Court

  • OPINION S-1398 PDF document (November 2, 1978)
    STATE MATTERS: Disposition of Proceeds from Sale of State Vehicles

  • OPINION S-1399 PDF document (November 2, 1978)
    ELECTIONS: Voter Registration for Election of Fire Protection District Trustees

  • OPINION S-1401 PDF document (November 13, 1978)
    TRANSPORTATION: Authority of Regional Transportation Authority to Provide Grants to Public School Districts for the Operation of School Buses

  • OPINION S-1402 PDF document (December 12, 1978)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Plumbing Inspectors - Plumbing License Requirement


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