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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1977 Opinions Index

  • Opinion S-1194 PDF document (January 7, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Blanket Bond Requirements

  • OPINION S-1195 PDF document (January 13, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Whether Accidental Death Benefits Can be Paid When the Industrial Commission Approves a Settlement Agreement

  • OPINION S-1196 PDF document (January 13, 1977)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Disposition of Fees Collected by Municipal Clerks

  • OPINION S-1197 PDF document (January 13, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Whether Consultants to High School Districts are Teachers for Purposes of Teachers' Retirement System

  • OPINION S-1200 PDF document (January 13, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Transmission of Juvenile Records

  • OPINION S-1202 PDF document (January 13, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Questions Pertaining to Prisoners Doing Work While Incarcerated in County Jails

  • OPINION S-1204 PDF document (January 13, 1977)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Releasing Information to the Press Media Concerning Patients Brought to a County Hospital's Emergency Room

  • OPINION S-1206 PDF document (January 26, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Minimum Survivor's Benefit Under Teachers' Retirement System

  • OPINION S-1207 PDF document (January 26, 1977)
    ELECTIONS: Requirements Regarding Precincts to be Open During Township Elections

  • OPINION S-1209 PDF document (February 18, 1977)
    CONSTITUTION: Whether Borrowing by Illinois Educational Consortium Violated Section 9, Article IX of Illinois Constitution

  • OPINION S-1210 PDF document (February 18, 1977)
    REVENUE: Real Estate Sale Procedure

  • OPINION S-1213 PDF document (February 18, 1977)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Committeeman of a Political Party and Commissioner on a Merit Commission for Deputy Sheriffs

  • OPINION S-1214 PDF document (February 18, 1977)
    COMPENSATION: Method of Compensating Coroner's Deputies

  • OPINION S-1215 PDF document (March 9, 1977)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Supplemental Levy Filed by School Board

  • OPINION S-1216 PDF document (March 24, 1977)
    REVENUE: Assessed Valuation to be Used in Extension of Real Estate Taxes

  • OPINION S-1217 PDF document (March 24, 1977)
    INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION: Can the State's Attorney Prosecute Municipal Ordinance Violations

  • OPINION S-1218 PDF document (March 24, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Whether Device Used at Bowling Establishments Constitutes Gambling Device

  • OPINION S-1219 PDF document (March 24, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Effect of Recessed County Board Meeting and Selection of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the County Board

  • OPINION S-1220 PDF document (March 24, 1977)
    STATE MATTERS: Negotiation or Bidding of Concession Leases by the Department of Conservation

  • OPINION S-1224 PDF document (April 7, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Requirements Relating to Bonds Posted by Subdivision Developers

  • OPINION S-1225 PDF document (April 7, 1977)
    STATE EMPLOYEES: Participation by Employees of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area Airport Authority in a Deferred Compensation Plan

  • OPINION S-1226 PDF document (April 7, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Status of a Probationary Police Officer Who has Failed to Comply With the Mandatory Basic Training Requirement as Detailed in Section 8.1 of the Illinois Police Training Act

  • OPINION S-1227 PDF document (April 7, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Investment and Interest of the Illinois State Employees' Retirement System's Assets

  • OPINION S-1228 PDF document (April 7, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Power of Certain Counties to Regulate Plats of Land Located Within Municipalities

  • OPINION S-1229 PDF document (April 21, 1977)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Use of Lobby Space of Pedestrian Banking Facilities

  • OPINION S-1230 PDF document (April 21, 1977)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Conflict of Interest Concerning Zoning Board

  • OPINION S-1232 PDF document (April 21, 1977)
    REVENUE: Procedures for the Sale of Property for Real Estate Taxes

  • OPINION S-1233 PDF document (April 21, 1977)
    OFFICERS: County Treasurer's Authority to Compromise the Interest and Penalty on a Real Estate Tax

  • OPINION S-1234 PDF document (May 4, 1977)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Eligibility of Vietnamese and Cambodian Refugees to Participate in Student Financial Aid Programs of the Illinois State Scholarship Commission

  • OPINION S-1235 PDF document (May 4, 1977)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Transfer of Location of Racing Meets After the Allotment of Racing Dates

  • OPINION S-1236 PDF document (May 4, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Whether the Illinois Commission on Human Relations has the Duty of Monitoring the Anti-Solicitation Act

  • OPINION S-1237 PDF document (May 25, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Authority of Merit Commission to Retain Private Counsel

  • OPINION S-1238 PDF document (May 25, 1977)
    HOME RULE: Power of City of Chicago to License and Regulate Methadone Maintenance Clinics

  • OPINION S-1239 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    OFFICERS: (Coroners) May the Coroner's Jury Make Recommendations

  • OPINION S-1242 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    REVENUE: Taxation of Leasehold in State-owned Land

  • OPINION S-1243 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    MENTAL HEALTH: Authority of a Mental Health Board to Borrow Funds

  • OPINION S-1244 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Use of Race Track Improvement Fund Money

  • OPINION S-1245 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Guilty Pleas to Violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code

  • OPINION S-1246 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Duty of the State's Attorney in Regard to Advising Road Districts

  • OPINION S-1247 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    TORT LIABILITY: Applicability of the Local Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act to the Greater Egypt Regional Planning and Development Commission

  • OPINION S-1248 PDF document (May 26, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Definition of the Term "Full Time" as Used in the Environmental Protection Act

  • OPINION S-1250 PDF document (June 9, 1977)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Whether Employee Contributions to Teachers' Retirement System Which are Paid by School Boards Constitute Wages Subject to Federal Income Tax Withholding

  • OPINION S-1251 PDF document (June 9, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Use of Indemnification Agreement to Satisfy Requirement That Deputy Collectors Provide Bond or Security

  • OPINION S-1252 PDF document (June 10, 1977)
    ZONING: Petition for Amendment or Variation of a County Zoning Ordinance

  • OPINION S-1253 PDF document (June 10, 1977)
    ZONING: Amendments to a County Zoning Ordinance Requiring a Three-Fourths Majority for Passage

  • OPINION S-1254 PDF document (June 10, 1977)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Whether State's Attorney May Serve as Legal Consultant to a Village

  • OPINION S-1255 PDF document (June 10, 1977)
    JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Service by Publication in Divorce Actions

  • OPINION S-1256 PDF document (June 13, 1977)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Definition of the Term "Resident of the State of Illinois" as that Term is Used in Sections 30 and 31 of the Illinois Horse Racing Act of 1975

  • OPINION S-1257 PDF document (June 23, 1977)
    CIVIL SERVICE: Authority of One Who is Not an Attorney to Represent State Employees at Hearings Before the Civil Service Commission

  • OPINION S-1258 PDF document (June 23, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Authority of County Board to Limit Travel Expenses of County Officials and Their Employees

  • OPINION S-1259 PDF document (June 23, 1977)
    ZONING: Approval of Proposed Planned Unit Development

  • OPINION S-1260 PDF document (June 23, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Management of the County Clerk's Office

  • OPINION S-1261 PDF document (June 23, 1977)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Jurisdiction Over Records of Local Community College Districts

  • OPINION S-1264 PDF document (June 23, 1977)
    REVENUE: Credit of Inheritance Proceeding Fee Against Inheritance Tax Due

  • OPINION S-1265 PDF document (July 15, 1977)
    CONSTITUTION: Application of the State Debt and Appropriation Provisions of the Constitution to the Proposed Deferred Compensation Plan

  • OPINION S-1266 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    COUNTIES: County Auditor's Duty to Audit Claims and to Report Condition of Funds

  • OPINION S-1268 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    LICENSED OCCUPATIONS: Probable Cause Not Required for Warrantless Search of Licensed Premises Pursuant to Statutory Provisions of Liquor Control Act

  • OPINION S-1269 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Authority of a Circuit Clerk to Deduct a Collection Fee from Amounts Collected for a Municipality

  • OPINION S-1270 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Authority to Adopt Regulations Concerning Digested and Non-Digested Sludge Sites

  • OPINION S-1271 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    COUNTIES: County Clerks Shall Charge the Applicable Filing Fees for All Individuals Filing Statements of Economic Interest, and Political Committees Filing Statements of Organization and Certain Campaign Finance Reports

  • OPINION S-1272 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    REAL ESTATE: Space Needs Commission Power to Review and Approve Architecture and Engineering Contracts

  • OPINION S-1273 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    TRANSPORTATION: Power of Department of Transportation to Permit Construction of Bus Passenger Shelters on Right-of-Way Under Its Jurisdiction

  • OPINION S-1274 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    REVENUE: Whether 25% Limitation in Section 108a of Revenue Act Applies When Board of Review Equalizes Assessments Pursuant to Paragraph (5) of Section 108

  • OPINION S-1275 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Status of Township Cemetery Board of Trustees as an Instrumentality for Social Security Coverage Purposes

  • OPINION S-1278 PDF document (July 25, 1977)
    LABOR: Civil Service Commission's Power to Discharge and Suspend Employees

  • OPINION S-1279 PDF document (July 26, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Coroners Crime Scene Investigation

  • OPINION S-1280 PDF document (July 26, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Full and Part Time Investigators Under Direct Control of the State's Attorney are not Exempt from Statutory Prohibition Against Carrying Concealed Firearms

  • OPINION S-1281 PDF document (July 26, 1977)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Whether Illinois Purchasing Act Prohibits a State Employee from Accepting Employment with State Contractor

  • OPINION S-1282 PDF document (July 26, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Sheriff as Custodian of County Courthouse

  • OPINION S-1283 PDF document (July 26, 1977)
    STATE MATTERS: Power of Department of Conservation to Acquire Land in Less Than Fee Simple

  • OPINION S-1284 PDF document (July 26, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Sheriff's Duty to Accept Prisoners

  • OPINION S-1285 PDF document (August 12, 1977)
    STATE EMPLOYEES: Validity of Lump Sum Pay Increases

  • OPINION S-1287 PDF document (August 18, 1977)
    BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: Manner in Which a Foreign Corporation May Reduce Its Paid-In Surplus

  • OPINION S-1288 PDF document (August 18, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Lease of a County Building to a Not-for-Profit Corporation for Public Purposes

  • OPINION S-1289 PDF document (August 18, 1977)
    REVENUE: Access of Outside Consultants to Income Tax Case Files

  • OPINION S-1290 PDF document (August 18, 1977)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Records of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

  • OPINION S-1291 PDF document (August 18, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Application of Sections 24-3 and 24-4 of the Criminal Code of 1961 to Auctioneers

  • OPINION S-1292 PDF document (August 18, 1977)
    OFFICERS: Fees of the Circuit Court Clerk

  • OPINION S-1293 PDF document (September 8, 1977)
    UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Payment of Credit Hour and Special Grants to Community College Districts for Fiscal Years 1977 and 1978

  • OPINION S-1294 PDF document (September 20, 1977)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Appointment of Illinois Racing Board Members

  • OPINION S-1295 PDF document (September 30, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Under Illinois Pension Code, Employees Paid With CETA Funds Must Participate in Retirement Systems

  • OPINION S-1297 PDF document (October 3, 1977)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Legality in Illinois of Graduated Payment Mortgage Program

  • OPINION S-1298 PDF document (October 6, 1977)
    FAMILY LAW: Concerning State Compliance With Federal Regulations Under the "Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Treatment Program"

  • OPINION S-1299 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    STATE MATTERS: Expenditure of State Funds to Improve or Remodel Property Being Leased from a Private Owner

  • OPINION S-1300 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Investment of Policemen's and Firemen's Pension Funds

  • OPINION S-1301 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    COUNTIES: County Contract With the Department of Corrections for a Work Release Program

  • OPINION S-1302 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Whether a County Government May Deed Certain Real Estate by a Warranty Deed

  • OPINION S-1303 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Power of Juvenile Court to Order Restitution as a Condition of Probation

  • OPINION S-1304 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    PENSIONS: State Employee May Not Receive Refund of Pension Payments Upon Switching From One Job to Another

  • OPINION S-1305 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    MEETINGS: City Council - Requirement of Open Meetings for "Quasi-Adjudicative" Session

  • OPINION S-1306 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Regional Planning Commission Contracts

  • OPINION S-1307 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Authority of Board of Review to Alter an Assessment While Appeal to Property Tax Appeal Board is Pending and After a Decision on an Appeal Has Been Rendered

  • OPINION S-1308 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    PENSIONS: Whether Sheriffs and Deputies are "Policemen" for Purposes of Social Security Coverage

  • OPINION S-1309 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    LABOR: Applicability of Prevailing Wage Law to Repair of Private Homes Under Community Development Program

  • OPINION S-1310 PDF document (October 24, 1977)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Whether the Recording of Emergency Telephone Calls to Police Communication Center Constitutes Eavesdropping

  • OPINION S-1311 PDF document (October 31, 1977)
    INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION: Use of Regional Transportation Authority Funds to Aid Department of Revenue in Collecting Taxes for RTA

  • OPINION S-1312 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    GOVERNMENTAL ETHICS AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Representation of Association in Contract Negotiations

  • OPINION S-1313 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Race Track Improvement Fund

  • OPINION S-1314 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Modification of a School District Tax Levy

  • OPINION S-1315 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    HIGHWAYS: Authority of County to Impose Weight Limitations on Vehicles Using County Highways

  • OPINION S-1316 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Whether Separate County Funds May be Combined for Investment Purposes

  • OPINION S-1317 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    FINANCE: Disposition of Interest Earned on Funds Appropriated to the Metropolitan Fair and Exposition Authority

  • OPINION S-1318 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    FAMILY LAW: Application of Statute Requiring Confidentiality of Juvenile Records

  • OPINION S-1319 PDF document (December 12, 1977)

  • OPINION S-1320 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES: Authority of Board of Regents to Grant Sangamon State University Foundation an Interest in Rental Income from University Property

  • OPINION S-1321 PDF document (December 12, 1977)
    COUNTIES: Authority of County Board to Appropriate Funds to Aid a Public Housing Authority

  • OPINION S-1322 PDF document (December 13, 1977)
    BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: Amendment of a Certificate of Authority

  • OPINION S-1323 PDF document (December 15, 1977)
    PUBLIC RECORDS AND INFORMATION: Right to Copy Computer Tape of Voter Registration Records

  • OPINION S-1324 PDF document (December 20, 1977)
    INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION: Composition of Administrative Board to Operate County Airport Cooperatively Between County of Effingham and City of Effingham


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