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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1975 Opinions Index

  • OPINION S-857 PDF document (January 17, 1975)
    COMPENSATION: Compensation of the County Board

  • OPINION S-858 PDF document (January 17, 1975)
    HIGHWAYS: Distinction Between Private and Public Road and Duty of Sheriff to Patrol Private Roads

  • OPINION S-861 PDF document (January 17, 1975)
    COMPENSATION: Changes in Salaries of Elected County Officials

  • OPINION S-863 PDF document (January 20, 1975)
    COUNTIES: County Board - Power of County Board to Retain Legal Counsel

  • OPINION S-864 PDF document (February 4, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Fees and Salaries of Circuit Court Clerk

  • OPINION S-865 PDF document (February 4, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Extent to which Coroner, Acting as Sheriff when the Sheriff is Interested or Otherwise Disqualified, is Authorized to Serve Summons, Execution, or Other Process on a Civil Action

  • OPINION S-867 PDF document (February 4, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Right of Individuals to Mechanically Record Proceedings of County Board Meetings

  • OPINION S-871 PDF document (February 5, 1975)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: School Bus Safety - Application and Construction of Public Act 78-1244 (School Bus Safety Law)

  • OPINION S-872 PDF document (February 27, 1975)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Measurement for Location of Detached or Drive-up Banking Facility

  • OPINION S-873 PDF document (February 27, 1975)
    REVENUE: County Collector Distribution of Proceeds of Sale of Real Estate which was Acquired by County at Tax Sale

  • OPINION S-875 PDF document (March 6, 1975)
    STATE MATTERS: Whether the Illinois Energy Resources Commission is Subject to the Open Meetings Act

  • OPINION S-877 PDF document (March 17, 1975)
    OFFICERS: County Board Member Resigning to be Appointed by County Board to an Otherwise Forbidden Public Office. Compatibility of Offices of County Board Member With the Offices of President and Member of Forest Preserve Commission, Member of Board of Review, and Township Supervisor

  • OPINION S-878 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Application of the Illinois Purchasing Act

  • OPINION S-879 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Deputy Clerk of Circuit Court - Age - Qualification

  • OPINION S-880 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: Recording of Instruments

  • OPINION S-885 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    REAL ESTATE: Transfer of Real Estate from Hospital District to County

  • OPINION S-886 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Constitutionality of the Referendum Procedure for the Discontinuance of the County Tuberculosis Tax

  • OPINION S-887 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Liability of County for Hospitalization Expenses of Parolee Injured by City Policemen While Being Arrested for Commission of a New Offense

  • OPINION S-889 PDF document (April 9, 1975)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Authority of School District to Post No Trespassing Notice

  • OPINION S-890 PDF document (April 10, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Effective Date of Laws Veto Override

  • OPINION S-891 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    STATE MATTERS: Liability of State for Contracts and Torts of Area Agencies on Aging

  • OPINION S-892 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Term of Office for Member of Community Mental Health Board

  • OPINION S-893 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    COUNTY BOARD: Temporary Transfer of Funds

  • OPINION S-894 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Duty of County Clerk to Appoint Deputy Registrar

  • OPINION S-896 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    REAL ESTATE: Subdivision Plats: Partitions

  • OPINION S-898 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Validity of Appointment to Fill Vacancy on County Board Made after 60-Day Period for Filling Said Vacancy has Passed

  • OPINION S-907 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    INSURANCE: Authority of the Department of Insurance to Prohibit Discrimination in Employment

  • OPINION S-908 PDF document (May 5, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Tape Recording of Open Meetings and the Illinois Eavesdropping Act

  • OPINION S-909 PDF document (May 27, 1975)
    SPECIAL SERVICES: Period of Time That a Veteran is Entitled to a Scholarship

  • OPINION S-910 PDF document (May 28, 1975)
    FAMILY LAW: Juvenile Court Act; Detention Facilities

  • OPINION S-912 PDF document (June 11, 1975)
    LABOR: Department of Labor "Temporary Employment Agencies"

  • OPINION S-913 PDF document (June 17, 1975)
    OFFICERS: State Board of Education - Commencement of Their Term of Office

  • OPINION S-914 PDF document (June 19, 1975)
    NATURAL RESOURCES: Authority of Department to Issue Permit for Surface Mining Land Not Zoned for Mining

  • OPINION S-915 PDF document (June 20, 1975)
    OFFICERS: State Board of Education Does Not Have Power to Appoint a Representative to the Board of Higher Education

  • OPINION S-916 PDF document (June 20, 1975)
    OFFICERS: State Board of Education Without Authority to Succeed Superintendent of Public Instruction to Membership on Certain Boards

  • OPINION S-917 PDF document (June 20, 1975)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Open Meetings - Intercollegiate Athletic Board

  • OPINION S-918 PDF document (June 20, 1975)
    FINANCE: Whether the Illinois Building Authority Has Authority to Establish an Imprest Fund

  • OPINION S-919 PDF document (June 20, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Duty of State's Attorney to Represent County Officials in Election Contest

  • OPINION S-930 PDF document (June 24, 1975)
    COUNTIES: County Funds - Purchase of Stamps, License Plates, Etc.

  • OPINION S-935 PDF document (July 22, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Authority of the Comptroller to Audit the Use of Income From Cemetery Care Funds

  • OPINION S-936 PDF document (July 24, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Item Veto Power - Striking Language From an Appropriation Bill

  • OPINION S-937 PDF document (July 24, 1975)
    CIVIL SERVICE: Political Contributions by City Officers and Employees

  • OPINION S-938 PDF document (July 29, 1975)
    REVENUE: Motor Fuel Tax - Refunds For Reefer Units

  • OPINION S-939 PDF document (July 30, 1975)
    STATE MATTERS: Illinois Purchasing Act

  • OPINION S-940 PDF document (August 1, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Home-Rule Powers–Authority of City to Contract For and Fund Segment of Interstate Highway Wholly Within its Boundaries

  • OPINION S-941 PDF document (August 8, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Power of County to Lease Coal or Mineral Rights

  • OPINION S-950 PDF document (August 8, 1975)
    HIGHWAYS: Use of Motor Fuel Tax Funds to Maintain and Improve Non-dedicated Subdivision Roads

  • OPINION S-951 PDF document (August 28, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Special Service Area Taxation

  • OPINION S-952 PDF document (August 28, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Power of a Home Rule Unit to Establish a Housing Authority

  • OPINION S-957 PDF document (August 28, 1975)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Multiple Court Appearances for Traffic Ticket

  • OPINION S-959 PDF document (August 29, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Liability for Slanderous Statements Made at Open Meetings

  • OPINION S-960 PDF document (September 2, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Authority of Legislative Council

  • OPINION S-961 PDF document (September 10, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Filling of Vacancies in County Offices Under Public Act 79-118 (Senate Bill 463, 79th G.A.)

  • OPINION S-963 PDF document (September 24, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Meaning of the Word Fee

  • OPINION S-964 PDF document (September 24, 1975)
    MUNICIPALITIES: City of Joliet Not Obligated by Statute to Bear Proportional Share of Development Costs of Public Water Commission in Absence of City Ordinance

  • OPINION S-965 PDF document (September 24, 1975)
    BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS: Registration of Identical Names

  • OPINION S-966 PDF document (September 24, 1975)
    CRIMINAL LAW: Fine as a Condition of Probation When Judgment on Drug Charge Is Not Entered

  • OPINION S-971 PDF document (September 24, 1975)
    REVENUE: Exemption for Nursing Home

  • OPINION S-974 PDF document (September 24, 1975)
    REGULATED INDUSTRIES: Funeral or Burial Funds Act

  • OPINION S-976 PDF document (October 9, 1975)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Motor Vehicles Operated By Religious or Eleemosynary Institutions for Transportation of Persons

  • OPINION S-977 PDF document (October 16, 1975)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Payments Authorized By Public Act 79-273

  • OPINION S-978 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Capital Stock and Surplus

  • OPINION S-979 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    PENSIONS: Right of Widower to Accidental Death Benefit

  • OPINION S-980 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Bingo License and Tax Act

  • OPINION S-981 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Application of Length Limitations of Illinois Vehicle Code to Portable Towing Device

  • OPINION S-982 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Deputy Sheriffs Merit Commission

  • OPINION S-983 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    CRIMINAL LAW: Monitoring Police Radio Bands

  • OPINION S-984 PDF document (October 23, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Authority of County Board to Create Auxiliary Police Department

  • OPINION S-986 PDF document (October 24, 1975)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Foreign Banking Office Act

  • OPINION S-987 PDF document (October 29, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Common Law Doctrine of Incompatibility Pertains to Offices Not to Employees

  • OPINION S-990 PDF document (November 4, 1975)
    LABOR: Agricultural Exemptions From The Workmen's Compensation Act

  • OPINION S-991 PDF document (November 4, 1975)
    REVENUE: Jurisdiction of Property Tax Appeal Board

  • OPINION S-992 PDF document (November 4, 1975)
    CRIMINAL LAW: Violation of Civil Rights

  • OPINION S-993 PDF document (November 4, 1975)
    OFFICERS: State Payment to Counties For Salaries of Assistant State's Attorneys

  • OPINION S-994 PDF document (November 4, 1975)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Annexation of Adjacent Highways

  • OPINION S-995 PDF document (November 5, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Duty of State's Attorney When County Board Leases Public Property for a Private Purpose

  • OPINION S-996 PDF document (November 12, 1975)
    HIGHWAYS: Sale of Land no Longer Needed For Highway Purposes

  • OPINION S-997 PDF document (November 14, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Authority of Lieutenant Governor as Chairman of Technical Advisory Committee on Aging

  • OPINION S-1000 PDF document (November 25, 1975)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Foreign Corporation Acting As An Investment Adviser in Illinois

  • OPINION S-1004 PDF document (December 3, 1975)
    REVENUE: Payment of Personal Property Taxes Under Protest

  • OPINION S-1006 PDF document (December 5, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Salaries of County Officers Cost of Living Adjustments

  • OPINION S-1010 PDF document (December 8, 1975)
    COUNTIES: Regulation of Private Sewage Disposal

  • OPINION S-1011 PDF document (December 10, 1975)
    REVENUE: Real Estate Assessments Payment Under Protest

  • OPINION S-1013 PDF document (December 11, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Duty of State's Attorney to Represent County Sheriff

  • OPINION S-1015 PDF document (December 11, 1975)
    STATE MATTERS: Source of Funds to Pay Unanticipated Litigation Costs of IBA

  • OPINION S-1016 PDF document (December 11, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Compatibility of Offices of County Board Member and Township Supervisor

  • OPINION S-1017 PDF document (December 12, 1975)
    CONSTITUTION: Applicability of Section 21 of Article V to Increase in Per Diem Compensation of State Police Merit Board

  • OPINION S-1018 PDF document (December 12, 1975)
    FAMILY LAW: Meaning of "Abuse" and "Neglect" in Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act

  • OPINION S-1022 PDF document (December 23, 1975)
    OFFICERS: Vacancies in Office of Circuit Court Judge Caused by Mandatory Retirement

  • OPINION S-1023 PDF document (December 30, 1975)
    COUNTIES: County Detention Home not Subject to Municipal Zoning

  • OPINION S-1025 PDF document (December 30, 1975)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Offices of City Attorney and Deputy Public Defender are Incompatible


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