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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1974 Opinions Index

  • Opinion S-676 PDF document (January 8, 1974)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Payment of Employee Contribution to Illinois Teachers' Retirement System by School Board

  • OPINION S-677 PDF document (January 24, 1974)
    ELECTIONS: Rental Expense for Polling Place

  • OPINION S-678 PDF document (January 24, 1974)
    COMPENSATION: Clerk of the Circuit Court

  • OPINION S-680 PDF document (January 24, 1974)
    COUNTIES: County Board Change in Composition

  • OPINION S-682 PDF document (January 29, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Recorders of Deeds Shall Continue to Record Federal Tax Lien Notices

  • OPINION S-684 PDF document (January 30, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Power to Perform Police Services under Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement

  • OPINION S-691 PDF document (January 30, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Disposition of Excess Land

  • OPINION S-693 PDF document (February 7, 1974)
    TOWNSHIPS: Federal Revenue Sharing Funds

  • OPINION S-694 PDF document (February 11, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Zoning - Agricultural Uses

  • OPINION S-695 PDF document (February 13, 1974)
    ELECTIONS: Registration of Married Woman

  • OPINION S-696 PDF document (February 13, 1974)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Powers to Contract under the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act

  • OPINION S-698 PDF document (February 14, 1974)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Allowable Rate of Interest

  • OPINION S-699 PDF document (February 14, 1974)
    LIQUORS: Local Option-Shifts or Devices to Evade Provisions of the Liquor Control Act

  • OPINION S-702 PDF document (February 14, 1974)
    INSURANCE: Absent Specific Statutory Authorization, Group Property Insurance Cannot be Issued in Illinois

  • OPINION S-705 PDF document (February 21, 1974)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Enforcement of Pupil's Physical Examination Requirement

  • OPINION S-706 PDF document (February 25, 1974)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Traffic Regulations - School Speed Zone

  • OPINION S-707 PDF document (February 25, 1974)
    ELECTIONS: Nomination of Independents for County Board Membership

  • OPINION S-709 PDF document (February 25, 1974)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Maximum Period of Expulsion

  • OPINION S-711 PDF document (February 25, 1974)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Licenses, Registrations and Changes of Name

  • OPINION S-715 PDF document (March 14, 1974)
    REVENUE: Application of the Real Estate Transfer Tax Act

  • OPINION S-716 PDF document (March 14, 1974)

  • OPINION S-717 PDF document (March 14, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Health Department Merit Systems

  • OPINION S-719 PDF document (March 20, 1974)
    CONSTITUTION: Appropriations Double Appropriation of Public Funds not Required

  • OPINION S-720 PDF document (March 21, 1974)
    REVENUE: Exemptions from Mobile Homes Privilege Tax

  • OPINION S-723 PDF document (March 21, 1974)
    REVENUE: State Revenue Sharing Used by County Government

  • OPINION S-725 PDF document (March 21, 1974)
    CONSTITUTION: Effective Date of Legislation

  • OPINION S-726 PDF document (March 22, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Definition of Public Meetings

  • OPINION S-727 PDF document (March 22, 1974)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Parole and Pardon Board

  • OPINION S-728 PDF document (March 27, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Power of the Comptroller and State Treasurer to Establish University Imprest Funds

  • OPINION S-730 PDF document (April 2, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Obligations to Provide Office and Secretarial Expenses for Judges of Circuit Courts

  • OPINION S-733 PDF document (April 17, 1974)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Colleges and Universities Rights and Privileges of a Student Member of Illinois Community College Board

  • OPINION S-734 PDF document (April 17, 1974)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Whether Currency Dispensing Equipment Constitutes Branch Banking

  • OPINION S-735 PDF document (April 17, 1974)
    ELECTIONS: Special Elections Filling Vacancy in Office of the State's Attorney

  • OPINION S-736 PDF document (April 17, 1974)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Use of a Monitoring System in a County Jail

  • OPINION S-745 PDF document (April 17, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Compensation for Special State's Attorneys

  • OPINION S-747 PDF document (April 19, 1974)
    LICENSED OCCUPATIONS: Constitutionality of Citizenship Requirements Contained in the Various Licensing Acts

  • OPINION S-754 PDF document (May 9, 1974)
    ELECTIONS: Special Election for County Board Vacancy

  • OPINION S-757 PDF document (May 24, 1974)
    INSURANCE: Constitutionality of Citizenship Requirement as a Prerequisite to Obtaining an Insurance Agent's or Broker's License

  • OPINION S-758 PDF document (May 24, 1974)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Blue Oscillating, Rotating or Flashing Lights on Vehicles Owned or Fully Operated by Firemen

  • OPINION S-759 PDF document (May 24, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Power of County Board to Abolish Office of Public Defender

  • OPINION S-771 PDF document (June 18, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Power to Appoint and Confirm Appointment after Act Becomes Law but Prior to Effective Date

  • OPINION S-772 PDF document (June 18, 1974)
    STATE MATTERS: Whether a Deposit of State Funds with a Bank or Other Financial Institution is a Contract Within the Meaning of the Fair Employment Practices Act

  • OPINION S-777 PDF document (June 18, 1974)
    CONSTITUTION: Elected Officers of Units of Local Government - Changes in Salary

  • OPINION S-780 PDF document (June 18, 1974)
    PENSIONS: Whether the Per Diem Expense Allowance Paid to Members of the General Assembly is Included Within the Definition of "Compensation" for Pension Purposes

  • OPINION S-782 PDF document (July 18, 1974)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Pari-mutuel Wagering at State Fairs

  • OPINION S-783 PDF document (July 18, 1974)
    CONSTITUTION: Computing Time Limit of the Legislature to Override a Veto

  • OPINION S-784 PDF document (July 18, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Supervisor of Assessments - Removal from Office

  • OPINION S-787 PDF document (July 18, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Corrupt Practices - Interest in Contracts

  • OPINION S-788 PDF document (July 18, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Powers of Appointed Members of New State Board of Education Prior to Senate Confirmation

  • OPINION S-791 PDF document (July 18, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Whether the Senate May Reconsider its Confirmation of an Executive Appointment

  • OPINION S-793 PDF document (July 31, 1974)
    PENSIONS: Definition of Instrumentality Under the Social Security Enabling Act

  • OPINION S-794 PDF document (August 13, 1974)
    COUNTIES: County Treasurer and Forest Preserve District Treasurer - Statutory Limitations on Deposit of County and Forest Preserve District Funds

  • OPINION S-796 PDF document (August 13, 1974)
    MOTOR VEHICLES: Authority to Hold Suspension Hearing Under Implied Consent Statute

  • OPINION S-797 PDF document (August 13, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Leases Beyond the Term of the County Board

  • OPINION S-799 PDF document (August 13, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Obligation of County Board to Appoint a County Assessor from the List Certified by the Department of Local Government Affairs

  • OPINION S-801 PDF document (August 13, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Zoning Within 1 Miles of a City

  • OPINION S-802 PDF document (August 16, 1974)
    LICENSED OCCUPATIONS: Professional Service Corporations - Legality of Dentists Incorporating

  • OPINION S-803 PDF document (August 16, 1974)

  • OPINION S-805 PDF document (August 16, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Deputy Sheriffs - Right to Unionize

  • OPINION S-806 PDF document (September 4, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Referenda Concerning the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds and Raising Tax Rate Limitation for the Purpose of Remodeling County Convalescent Center

  • OPINION S-807 PDF document (September 20, 1974)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Expenditures During Lapse Period

  • OPINION S-808 PDF document (September 20, 1974)
    COUNTIES: County Board Auditing of Claims

  • OPINION S-810 PDF document (September 20, 1974)
    REVENUE: Privilege Tax on Mobile Homes

  • OPINION S-814 PDF document (October 15, 1974)
    OFFICERS: State's Attorney's Duty to Defend County Officers

  • OPINION S-817 PDF document (October 23, 1974)
    CONSTITUTION: Constitutionality of Section 314 of the Illinois Controlled Substances Act

  • OPINION S-818 PDF document (October 23, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Conflict of Interest - Deposit of Funds

  • OPINION S-820 PDF document (October 23, 1974)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Tax for Fire Prevention and Safety Purposes

  • OPINION S-821 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Expenditure of Federal Grant Funds

  • OPINION S-822 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    ELECTIONS: Residency - Job Corps Trainee

  • OPINION S-823 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Exemption of Coroner from Prosecution for the Otherwise Unlawful Use of Weapons - Coroners as Peace Officers

  • OPINION S-825 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Public Purpose - Lease of Real Estate to Doctors

  • OPINION S-826 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    FEES: Sheriff's Fee for Committing Prisoners to Jail

  • OPINION S-827 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Eligibility for Appointment as Supervisor of Assessments

  • OPINION S-829 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Out-of-State Loan Companies Doing Business in Illinois

  • OPINION S-830 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    COMPENSATION: Employer Contributions for Retirement and Insurance

  • OPINION S-835 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Expenditure from Department of Mental Health Appropriation to Individuals Who Are Performing Services Unrelated to the Powers and Duties of the Department of Mental Health

  • OPINION S-836 PDF document (October 31, 1974)
    REAL ESTATE: Whether Articles of Agreement for Warranty Deed is a Loan Secured by Residential Real Estate

  • OPINION S-837 PDF document (November 14, 1974)
    SCHOOLS AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS: State Board of Education - Majority Vote Necessary to Take Action

  • OPINION S-838 PDF document (November 26, 1974)
    TOWNSHIPS: Federal Revenue Sharing

  • OPINION S-839 PDF document (November 26, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Gift of County Funds to Not-For-Profit Corporation

  • OPINION S-840 PDF document (November 27, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Duty of the Attorney General to Advise and Represent the Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board

  • OPINION S-841 PDF document (November 27, 1974)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Sentencing - Section 6-303, ch. 95 is Properly Classified as a Class A Misdemeanor Under the Unified Code of Corrections

  • OPINION S-845 PDF document (November 27, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Vacancies - County Superintendent of Highways is Appointed to Serve a Six Year Term

  • OPINION S-846 PDF document (December 10, 1974)
    OFFICERS: Filling a Vacancy in Office of Superintendent of State Fair Agency

  • OPINION S-849 PDF document (December 18, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Leases Beyond the Term of the County Board - Meaning of the Phrase "Term of the County Board"

  • OPINION S-850 PDF document (December 18, 1974)
    COMPENSATION: Change in Method of Compensation of County Board

  • OPINION S-851 PDF document (December 18, 1974)
    MUNICIPALITIES: Qualifications, Powers and Duties of 20 Year Old Police Officers

  • OPINION S-853 PDF document (December 18, 1974)
    COUNTIES: Powers of Assistant Supervisor of Safety


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