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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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1971 Opinions Index

  • Opinion S-251 PDF document (January 5, 1971)
    FINANCE: Investment of Illinois State Toll Highway Commission Bond Funds

  • OPINION S-253 PDF document (January 6, 1971)
    REVENUE: Redemption of Real Estate

  • OPINION S-254 PDF document (January 20, 1971)
    FINANCE: Department of General Services - Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • OPINION S-256 PDF document (January 20, 1971)
    FINANCE: Illinois Purchasing Act - Professional Consultant

  • OPINION S-258 PDF document (January 21, 1971)
    HIGHWAYS: Removal of Lateral Support

  • OPINION S-260 PDF document (January 22, 1971)
    REVENUE: Personal Property Tax Exemption

  • OPINION S-261 PDF document (February 5, 1971)
    PENSIONS: Illinois State Board of Investment Nominee - Commingling of Assets

  • OPINION S-263 PDF document (February 5, 1971)
    ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: Authority of Environmental Protection Agency to Issue Permits

  • OPINION S-266 PDF document (February 8, 1971)
    COUNTIES: Regulation of Motor Vehicle Races and Stunts

  • OPINION S-268 PDF document (February 8, 1971)
    REAL ESTATE: Meander Lake Adverse Possession

  • OPINION S-269 PDF document (February 26, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Lieutenant Governor's Compensation

  • OPINION S-273 PDF document (March 1, 1971)
    LICENSED OCCUPATIONS: Veterinarian Subject to the Examination Requirements of the Illinois Sanitarian Registration Act

  • OPINION S-275 PDF document (March 1, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Election of Coroner under the 1970 Constitution

  • OPINION S-276 PDF document (March 1, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Coroner’s Duty to Perform Autopsy

  • OPINION S-279 PDF document (March 10, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Director of the Department of Public Aid – Qualifications for Senate Confirmation

  • OPINION S-281 PDF document (March 29, 1971)
    FINANCE: State Fair Agency - Newspaper Tabloid - State Printing Contracts Act

  • OPINION S-283 PDF document (March 29, 1971)
    COUNTIES: Election of Board Members

  • OPINION S-285 PDF document (April 7, 1971)
    FINANCE: Board of Higher Education’s Distribution of Funds

  • OPINION S-293 PDF document (April 28, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Duties of Temporary Township Supervisor

  • OPINION S-298 PDF document (May 24, 1971)
    MEETINGS: Board of State Fair Advisers - State of Illinois

  • OPINION S-309 PDF document (June 15, 1971)
    CONSTITUTION: Presentment of Bills to the Governor; Return of Veto Bills; Certification of Procedural Requirements for Passage of Bills

  • OPINION S-310 PDF document (June 16, 1971)
    CONSTITUTION: 77th General Assembly - Continuous Body

  • OPINION S-311 PDF document (June 23, 1971)
    COMPENSATION: Salary of Supervisor of Assessments Dependent Upon Official Publication of Federal Census Figures

  • OPINION S-314 PDF document (July 9, 1971)
    REVENUE: Inclusion of County Nursing Home Levy in County’s Rate Limitation

  • OPINION S-315 PDF document (May 5, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Conflict of Interest - Rental Office Space

  • OPINION S-316 PDF document (July 27, 1971)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICE: County Supervisor of Assessments and County Zoning Enforcing Officer

  • OPINION S-318 PDF document (July 27, 1971)
    FAMILY LAW: Determination of Paternity in Responding Jurisdiction

  • OPINION S-322 PDF document (July 27, 1971)
    PUBLIC ASSISTANCE: Costs of Burial of Indigent Person by Township

  • OPINION S-324 PDF document (July 29, 1971)
    OFFICERS: Removal of Bodies at Accident Scenes; Coroner’s Pronouncement of Death; Conduct of an Inquest

  • OPINION S-327 PDF document (July 27, 1971)
    COUNTIES: Sheriff's Office - Merit Commission

  • OPINION S-328 PDF document (July 29, 1971)
    OFFICERS: County Merit Commission for Deputy Sheriffs

  • OPINION S-329 PDF document (August 2, 1971)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Unlawful Use of Weapons

  • OPINION S-330 PDF document (July 29, 1971)
    JUDICIAL SYSTEM: State's Collection of Filing Fees and Sheriff’s Fees from the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority

  • OPINION S-332 PDF document (August 30, 1971)
    CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE: Preliminary Hearings - Transcripts

  • OPINION S-333 PDF document (August 30, 1971)
    COMPATIBILITY OF OFFICES: Offices of Township Assessor and Deputy Sheriff

  • OPINION S-334 PDF document (August 30, 1971)
    JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Failure to Appear on the Citation to Discover Assets

  • OPINION S-335 PDF document (September 29, 1971)
    ELECTIONS: Registration of 18 Year Olds

  • OPINION S-347 PDF document (September 24, 1971)
    REVENUE: Authority of a County to Enter Into a Contract with Taxing District to Defray Costs of Collection of Taxes

  • OPINION S-348 PDF document (September 24, 1971)
    FEDERAL RELATIONS: Constitutionality of the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act’s Provision for the Automatic Adoption of Federal Regulations

  • OPINION S-349 PDF document (October 6, 1971)
    CIVIL RIGHTS: Business Establishment as a “Place of Public Accommodations”

  • OPINION S-358 PDF document (October 21, 1971)
    APPROPRIATIONS: Clerical Error

  • OPINION S-359 PDF document (October 27, 1971)
    COUNTIES/ELECTIONS: Authority of County Board to Provide for Caucus Selection of Board Candidates

  • OPINION S-361 PDF document (November 16, 1971)
    SPORTS AND GAMING: Illinois Racing Board - Requirements for Race Meeting License

  • OPINION S-362 PDF document (November 18, 1971)
    COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: Necessity of Specific Legislative Approval of Projects Funded by Revenue Bonds under Constitution of 1970

  • OPINION S-363 PDF document (November 18, 1971)
    STATE MATTERS: Interpretation of the Bonding Requirement of the Cemetery Care Act

  • OPINION S-364 PDF document (November 18, 1971)
    FINANCE: Treatment of the Premium on Unexercised Security Options under the Cemetery Care Act

  • OPINION S-366 PDF document (November 18, 1971)
    REVENUE: Status of Church-Owned Property Subject to a Lease

  • OPINION S-367 PDF document (November 18, 19712)
    COUNTIES: Imposition of a County Service Tax

  • OPINION S-369 PDF document (November 18, 1971)
    ELECTIONS: Appointment of Judges for General Election; Determination of Precinct Boundaries

  • OPINION S-370 PDF document (November 22, 1971)
    COUNTIES: Authority of County Board of Supervisors to Issue Interest-bearing Orders not Payable on Demand for Purpose of Remodeling Court House

  • OPINION S-372 PDF document (December 16, 1971)
    ELECTIONS: State Electoral Board - Effect of New Constitution

  • OPINION S-373 PDF document (December 17, 1971)
    PUBLIC HEALTH: Requirements for Issuance of Permit under Hospital Licensing Act

  • OPINION S-377 PDF document (December 17, 1971)
    FEES: State's Attorney’s Entitlement to Fees

  • OPINION S-381 PDF document (December 28, 1971)
    JUDICIAL SYSTEM: Eighteen Year Olds as Jurors


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