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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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Protecting the Environment

Preserving the Environment

The Illinois Constitution guarantees the right of the people of the state to a healthy environment. Attorney General Kwame Raoul is committed to protecting this right as well as the rights of those who farm our lands.

Attorney General Raoul works to ensure that our children inherit an Illinois more beautiful and bountiful as the one we enjoy today.

The Attorney General's Environmental Crimes Division and Environmental Enforcement Division enforce the state's environmental laws by both civilly and criminally prosecuting the state's worst polluters. In addition, the Attorney General's office works to stop pollution and ensure that polluters, not taxpayers, pay the cost of cleanup.

The Attorney General also advocates on behalf of the agriculture industry and producers.

Attorney General Raoul works to protect consumers and businesses by enforcing antitrust laws and encouraging fair competition in business. In addition, the Attorney General's office represents the Illinois Department of Agriculture on various issues and serves as corporate secretary for the Illinois Grain Insurance Corporation.

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