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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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Protecting Consumers

In today's economy, every cent counts. Understanding your rights and options as a consumer is the key to making the most of your dollar and safeguarding your financial future. We created these fact sheets below to help you develop that understanding. In them you will find information about dealing with debt collectors, avoiding foreclosure, protecting your credit history, staying away from costly payday loans, and more.

Not all financial difficulties can be avoided, but many can be overcome. If you're in a financial crisis, your situation does not have to go from bad to worse. The Attorney General's Office is here to help you. For assistance, please contact us at the numbers below.

Also, for more information about how seniors can protect themselves and their pocketbooks in tough economic times, please click here.

For information to help teens prepare for their financial future, click here.

Consumer Fraud Hotlines

1-800-964-3013 (TTY)

1-877-844-5461 (TTY)

1-877-675-9339 (TTY)


Homeowner Helpline
1-866-544-7151 (Voice/TTY)


ID Theft Hotline
TTY: 1-877-844-5461
Español: 1-866-310-8398

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