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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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Safeguarding Children

Child Support Awareness

The Child Support Enforcement Division of the Attorney General’s office works closely with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services and other agencies and advocacy organizations to ensure that families throughout the state receive the support they need to raise their children. The Office of the Attorney General, in conjunction with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, handles child support enforcement in 89 counties across the state of Illinois.

The work we do in this area is critical to giving children the opportunities they need and deserve. Studies show that children who receive support are more likely to finish high school and even go on to college. By holding accountable those who are required to pay child support, we can improve the lives of Illinois children and create a more stable and successful future for all of us.

Child Support Enforcement in Illinois PDF Document

Significant Child Support Cases and Legislation
Recent Initiatives

For more information, please visit the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, Delinquent Parent Web site.

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