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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
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Advocating for Women

Campus Response to Date Rape Drugs:

RohypnolRohypnol leaves no detectable taste, odor or color. Rohypnol is a sedative similar to Valium, but with ten times the strength. It is used as a sleeping pill in some countries, but has never been approved for use the United States. Rohypnol can cause impaired judgement, disinhibition, dizziness, motion difficulty, respiratory depression and amnesia. The drug takes effect in 15 to 60 minutes.

Chemical name for Rohypnol: Flunitrazepam.

Manufacturer: Hoffman-LaRoche.

Street names for Rohypnol include: Roofies, Roach, R-2, Mind Erasers and Roche'. To be under the influence of Rohypnol is to be "roached."

Law: In Illinois, it is a felony to manufacture, deliver or possess Rohypnol.


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