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Advocating for Women

Campus Response to Date Rape Drugs:

KetamineKetamine is a fast-acting general anesthetic used in both humans and animals. Like GHB, it is found frequently at clubs and raves, where users take it for its purported euphoric effects. Ketamine can cause impaired judgement, paranoia, numbness, amnesia, convulsions and respiratory depression. Large doses can lead to oxygen starvation to the brain and muscles. Its effects typically last for an hour, but it is not uncommon for the effects of Ketamine to last for 4-6 hours. Generally, users do not recover completely from the drug for up to 48 hours.

Brand names for Ketamine: Ketaset, Vetalar.

Street names for Ketamine include: Special K, Ket, K, Vitamin K, Kit Kat, Keller, Cat Valium, Purple and Super C.

Law: It is a felony to manufacture, deliver or possess Ketamine in Illinois.


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