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May 9, 2017


Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced that a Boone County judge entered an agreed interim injunction order against a composting company, requiring it to take immediate steps to address environmental violations caused by its storing and treating of landscape waste.

Under the agreed interim injunction order entered by the court last week, Garden Prairie Organics must immediately address large piles of improperly stored landscape waste at its 11887 U.S. Route 20 facility in Boone County by storing or disposing of the waste as required by the environmental laws. The court entered the order in response to Madigan’s motion for a temporary restraining order. Madigan had originally sued the company based on repeated permit and air quality violations, open dumping and failing to properly dispose of landscape and other waste at the site. When the company failed to address the environmental violations identified in Madigan’s lawsuit, her office filed the motion for a temporary restraining order.

“This company must now take immediate action to address waste at this site that violates state law and is a nuisance to neighboring communities,” Madigan said.

Under state regulations, landscape waste must be stored in long rows, or “windrows,” and periodically aerated to allow the waste to decompose without causing air quality violations. These regulations require Garden Prairie to place all incoming landscape waste in windrows at the end of the day on which it is received.

The court’s injunction gives Garden Prairie until May 12 to move all onsite landscape waste into windrows or properly dispose of the waste. Garden Prairie will be prohibited from accepting any new landscape waste if it does not meet the court’s deadline.

The case was referred to Madigan’s office by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, and Boone County State’s Attorney Tricia Smith is assisting with the litigation.

“The residents of Boone County have had to live with the odors resulting from Garden Prairie’s refusal to properly store its landscaping waste,” Smith said. “I appreciate the Attorney General’s work to hold Garden Prairie accountable for following state laws.”

Assistant Attorneys General Angad Nagra and Stephen Sylvester are handling the case for Madigan’s Environmental Bureau.


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