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August 21, 2013


Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced that Gov. Pat Quinn has signed three important bills that were part of her 2013 legislative agenda, all of which were passed unanimously in the General Assembly during the spring legislative session.

“My office’s legislative agenda this past year aimed to make our communities safer,” Madigan said. “As a result of our efforts, we’ve enhanced penalties for ‘pill shoppers’ who supply meth cooks, extended financial assistance to victims of human trafficking and expanded criminal charges and penalties against child pornography offenders.”

This month, the Governor signed the following Attorney General-supported measures into law:

Stronger Penalties for “Pill Shoppers”
HB 806 amended the Methamphetamine Precursor Control Act to make it illegal for individuals to knowingly purchase pseudoephedrine (PSE) or ephedrine on behalf of convicted meth manufacturers. Rep. John Bradley (D–Marion) and Sen. John Sullivan (D–Rushville) sponsored the legislation that strengthens the penalty for so-called “pill shoppers” to a Class A misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class 4 felony for second or subsequent convictions. Madigan stressed that the law will not impact lawful consumers of PSE within the current limits set by Illinois law. The amendment took effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature.

Assistance for Victims of Human Trafficking
HB 2640, effective immediately, allows victims of human trafficking who have been “branded” by their abusers to be reimbursed by the Crime Victims Compensation Fund for the cost of removing the tattoo if the victim seeks an authorized or licensed tattoo remover. Madigan’s office assisted sponsors Rep. Kelly Burke (D–Oak Lawn) and Sen. William Delgado (D–Chicago) in passing the measure aimed at helping victims recover from physical and psychological abuse.

Increased Charges for Child Pornography Offenders
HB 2647 will strengthen prosecutors’ effort to protect children from pornographers by amending current law to allow charging suspects for each individual item of alleged child pornography in their possession. The measure was sponsored by Rep. Emily McAsey (D–Romeoville) and Sen. John Mulroe (D–Chicago). Madigan also stressed the importance of HB 2647 in light of the consecutive sentencing model that her office helped to enact last year. Under that model, courts must impose mandatory consecutive sentences for child pornography-related offenses. HB 2647 takes effect Jan. 1, 2014.


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