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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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April 7, 2011


Chicago — A father and son cattle operation near Canton must adhere to a detailed plan to prevent offensive odors that have sparked a number of complaints to Attorney General Lisa Madiganís office from nearby residents.

Henry Dare and his son, Phil Dare, were assessed a civil penalty of $9,000 under terms of separate consent orders filed against each defendant today in Fulton County Circuit Court. The agreements resolve allegations of water and air pollution contained in a May 2010 complaint filed by Madiganís office against Phil Dare and a civil contempt petition filed against Henry Dare for his failure to comply with terms of a previous consent order in 2002 and a 2000 agreed order that addressed alleged air and water pollution at the facility.

ďThose whose livelihood depends on raising livestock must conduct their businesses in a safe and environmentally sound manner,Ē said Attorney General Madigan.

Dare Farmsí feeder cattle operation is approximately two miles north of Canton where cattle are raised to a slaughter-market weight of 1,200 pounds. Various outdoor lots, confinement buildings and barns are used at the operation. Cattle waste is stored in above-ground storage tanks, feedlot runoff flows into a sump and livestock waste is applied to nearby land.

Among the requirements in the consent order, the Dares must install and maintain an appropriate cover on the above ground manure storage tank to prevent offensive odor emissions, limit the number of cattle to a maximum of 1,000, assure the proper disposal of dead animals and ensure that manure applications to cropland are performed in a manner that does not create offensive odor conditions or result in contaminated runoff during heavy precipitation events.

Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane McBride is handling the cases for Madiganís Environmental Bureau.


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