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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
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Safeguarding Children

Child Support Awareness:

As chief prosecutor in Illinois, the Attorney General works to ensure that parentage and child support laws protect children and families. The office assists and advises the state’s attorneys who handle child support cases in 12 counties and litigates all child support appeals for the Department of Healthcare and Family Services. The Attorney General also examines legislation involving child support and parentage, and provides guidance to House and Senate members.

In 2013, the Attorney General moved to intervene in the Illinois Supreme Court on behalf of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services in In re N.C., No. 116532, and presented an argument to safeguard the legal effect of parentage establishment in juvenile court proceedings. In 2012, the Attorney General filed an amicus curiae brief in the Illinois Supreme Court in In re the Parentage of J.W., No. 114817, to provide guidance on parentage and visitation issues where two legal fathers (one biological, one pursuant to court order) and a mother are all seeking to be involved in raising the child. The Attorney General also filed an amicus curiae brief in Ralda v. Sanden, Appellate Court case no. 1-12-1117, involving equitable tolling of the parentage statute of limitations. In a published opinion, 989 N.E.2d 1143 (2013), the Appellate Court agreed that the daughter, now an adult, was not barred from pursuing paternity and child support against her father.


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