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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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Safeguarding Children

Child Support Awareness:
Recent Initiatives

As new issues arise – including new court opinions and federal and state regulations – the Office of the Attorney General’s Public Aid Bureau will continue to work with key members of the child support enforcement community to address the issues and decide how to respond effectively.

To facilitate this collaboration, Attorney General's Office is working in conjunction with the Child Support Advisory Council. The role of the Council is to discuss issues and problems with the current system and formulate solutions that will assist in collecting the hundreds of millions of dollars that are owed to children and their custodial parents. The Council convenes four times each year to address such fundamental topics as:

Support Guidelines
Delivery of Services
Access and Visitation
Legislation and Advocacy

By working together, we can provide effective solutions to some of the most difficult issues in child support enforcement and ensure that all Illinois children receive the support they need.


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