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Safeguarding Children

Online Safety Tips:
Tips for Parents

Keep the computer in a room, other than the child's, with frequent foot traffic, so all household members can monitor times of use and material viewed.

Set up guidelines about the use of the computer. See agreement example below.

Understand the functions of the software programs your child uses. If you do not understand these functions, ask you child to teach you.

Be aware of what Internet sites your child is visiting. Investigate blocking or screening services provided by various Internet Service Providers and software programs.

Set a good Internet example for your children:

  • Do not respond to any threatening or offensive messages and encourage your child to do the same.

  • Never give out any personal information and encourage your child to do the same.

  • Spend time online with your child and discuss their online experiences as you would ask them about their day.

Learn about everyone that your child meets online and discuss these relationships with your child.

This information is excerpted from Teen Safety on the Information Highway by Lawrence J. Magid. It is reprinted with permission of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Copyright NCMEC 1998. All rights reserved.


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